Aspide® Médical - Spécialiste de l'implant textile chirurgical



1994 - Eric Bouillet creates ASPIDE® MEDICAL in Talaudière near Saint-Etienne (42).
1995 - Launch of the range SURGIMESH®.
1998 - Obtaining of the EC mark.
2005 - Launch of the uro-gynecological ranges.
2010 - Launch of its range SURGIMESH®M-Sling for the treatment of the male incontinence.
2010 - Implementation a policy for the sustainable development
2014 - ASPIDE® MEDICAL celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2015 - ASPIDE® MEDICAL acquires QUERYO MEDICAL to complete its offer.

Today, ASPIDE® MEDICAL proposes more than about 3 ranges to handle pathologies in various domains such as the treatment of inguinal and incisional hernias, urologic and gynecologic surgeries.

Moreover, it also provides training for surgeons in order to accompany them in the discovery of new products and/or new surgical techniques.


Our rewards

ASPIDE® MEDICAL was rewarded for its innovations:

Like the innovative character of its products, ASPIDE® MEDICAL progression was rewarded several times:

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